My Cake Decorating Journey

Crafternoon Tea

Have a party coming up that you need to add a little sparkle to? Let me do it for you. I will come to your party with all the tools and tips you need to help you and your guests create your very own beautiful afternoon tea display. And the best part? You get to eat all of your creations (after you post them on Instagram of course!).

I'm currently based in Glasgow/Edinburgh and have the following packages available;

Cookie Bouquet, Cupcake Tower, 3 Tier Cake

Or if you'd rather work alone, one on one sessions are available too.

For bookings email me at

I can't wait for us to get started!

Celebration Planning 

We all want to make our special occasions the best but sometimes life has other plans and that's ok! Why not take the pressure off and let me do it for you, I can arrange everything from the card to the cake, the decorations to the restaurant and everything in between, all you have to do is sign your name. Can't you just feel that giant weight lifting off your shoulders? I can. Give your loved ones the magical day they deserve without giving yourself a headache in the process. 

I'm currently working in and around Glasgow/Edinburgh so send me an email and let's get going!

Or, really want to plan it yourself but have no clue where to start? Coming soon, some handy downloadable guides that will take you step by step and track your progress so you leave nothing to chance. Stay tuned!